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With the 2011 World Long Range Championships on the horizon, the USA National Development Rifle Team has been working to develop one of the strongest shooting teams possible. The Team achieved success at the 2008 Spirit of America match, the 2009 South Africa 80th anniversary invitational, and the Canadian Fullbore Championships, with an aggregate of five Gold medals and one Silver medal won.

To continue to attain this level of achievement we must begin looking forward. We are embarking on a program to become more self-funded. Currently, the United States National Rifle Association provides approximately 75 percent of the operating funds for team. The USA National Development Rifle Team must build its own strong base of financial support to ensure that our athletes can not only compete in the 2011 World championships, but beyond, to provide opportunities for annual international experience for our young shooters.

In order to plan for the future, endowment funds must be raised to create a reliable and predictable cash flow to build the program necessary to ensure that United States teams remain strong in the face of increasing competition from other countries. We have partnered with Palma Promotions, a 501 3(c) corporation to ensure donations are tax-deductible and an ample oversight is provided on how the funds are managed. This executive summary outlines our vision for the future and for achieving the following goals:

  • Training high-performance athletes capable of winning World Championship medals
  • Building a Junior  Program that provides the opportunity for more young talent to develop their potential and propel our medal winning success into the future

We appreciate the opportunity to share this plan with you and solicit your support and suggestions. Join us in securing a successful future for America's shooting sports. Please take a few minutes now to go to the “Donate Now” icon below and give your tax deductible denotation to Palma Promotions.

Dennis R. Flaharty
Captain USA National Development Rifle Team

Captain 2011 USA Palma Team

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